Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario

Doug Ford’s terrible record on paid sick days for workers

Published on April 21, 2021

QUEEN’S PARK - Doug Ford has never supported paid sick days. He even went out of his way to speak against the federal program while not bringing in provincial paid sick days, and spent the spring attacking any notion of provincial paid sick days.
On June 5 2020, Ford opposed the push for a federal paid sick leave program, stating:

  • “I don't support it. We have legislation that protects jobs that people, if they, you know, again, if they don't feel safe, they don't have to go into work. That is a priority for BC, but there wasn't too much take up on that right across the country, to be very frank.”

Once the federal government introduced the current program that he opposed, Ford stood in the Legislature and threw attacks, suggesting the push for paid sick days was misinformation:

  • April 15: “She’s telling the people that there are no paid sick days. Imagine the people at home listening to this who won’t even apply to the federal government’s sick day program that we fought hard for, that we fought for $1.1 billion.”
  • February 17: “… rather than sitting there and constantly criticizing from day one, putting confusion with the public about paid sick days. Rather than sending inaccurate information out to the public and hurting the public, why don’t you come and join us to support the people of Ontario for once, rather than just sit there and criticize and criticize? It’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard, listening to you.”
  • February 16: “Anyone that I’ve ever talked to that I’ve said, “Oh, there’s already a program,” the first thing they say is, “Well, the Leader of the Opposition must be confused because she’s making it out that there are no sick days.” Again, it’s very disappointing that the Leader of the Opposition would be out there and confusing people.”
  • February 16: “waste of taxpayer’s money”