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Horwath calls on Ford to listen to public health science, stop undermining public health experts

Published on January 27, 2021

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is calling on Doug Ford to stop undermining public health experts who question the Ford government’s pandemic response. She released the following statement:
“There is a pattern of public health experts, doctors and scientists who are critical of the Ford government being undermined, targeted or harassed for expressing their professional opinion. It’s well documented that Ford has been ignoring public health experts — including all those who recommend paid sick days, more staff and infection prevention and control experts in long-term care, and smaller class sizes in schools.
Dr. David Fisman is one of many unpaid government consultants who also has paid work. Yet Doug Ford singled Fisman out with a stinging statement on Tuesday in an effort to undermine him. Meanwhile, Ford’s got highly-paid owners of for-profit long-term care homes sitting at his advisory tables, and hasn’t put out statements attacking their conflicts of interest.
Dr. Michael Warner has been critical of Ontario’s pandemic response. He had to close his social media accounts as a result of harassment. Ford was silent.
Dr. Nathan Stall, a geriatrician who works with vulnerable seniors, was attacked on social media for getting his vaccine when he was supposed to. Ford was silent.
Ford was cutting public health before the pandemic, and he isn’t showing respect for public health now.”