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Horwath: Ford must start listening to public health experts, not his divided caucus

Published on January 15, 2021

QUEEN’S PARK – Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has released a statement following Ford’s announcement that York Centre PC MPP Roman Baber has been removed from his party’s caucus:

“Kicking another of his MPPs out of caucus is purely symbolic unless Doug Ford stops listening to the PC caucus members and insiders who share Roman Baber’s views.

Ford has ordered half-measures with contradictions, loopholes and exemptions. His insiders and lobbyists clearly have his ear while he dismisses pleas from public health experts to make this lockdown count.

We join those experts in calling for a real lockdown, with critical supports like paid sick leave, more long-term care staff, more isolation facilities and on-site workplace testing.

Our hospitals are overwhelmed, long-term care homes are in the grips of a deadly crisis, and thousands more people are getting sick every single day. As more Ontarians lose their lives and more families are left grieving their loved ones, there is no room for any of Ford’s MPPs, either publicly, or in the back rooms of Queen’s Park, to spread dangerous misinformation and undermine public health advice.”