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NDP urges Ford to help fund Toronto’s plan to build rental homes people can afford

Published on September 16, 2020

QUEEN’S PARK — Suze Morrison, Ontario NDP Tenant Rights critic, released the following statement in response to the affordable housing plan announced by the City of Toronto today:

“Too many tenants were struggling to find and keep a roof over their head before the pandemic, and I wish to thank the City of Toronto for coming up with an affordable housing plan in this time of crisis. The NDP looks forward to reviewing Toronto’s affordable housing plan in detail, and we urge the Ford government step up with the provincial funding needed to help the city build the thousands of rental homes people can afford it envisions.

The provincial government can’t keep cutting if we are going to end the housing crisis. One of the reasons we’re in a housing crisis is because of cut after cut to housing programs by past Conservative and Liberal governments. And Doug Ford has only been taking things from bad to worse by piling on with cuts to programs aimed at helping people who don’t have a home.

It’s no wonder it has become harder and harder for families to find a home they can afford in Toronto. Renters and aspiring homeowners deserve better, which is why the NDP is prioritizing plans to make a good home more attainable.”