Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario


Peter Tabuns
MPP for Toronto-Danforth

Peter Tabuns has a long record of change. After winning a by-election in 2006 and re-elections in 2007, 2011 and 2014 Peter continues fresh new ideas to Queen’s Park on creating jobs while fighting climate change; keeping people safe from toxins; and integrating new Canadians into our economy.

Peter is leading the change to a new energy economy, in part thanks to his experience as Executive Director of Greenpeace. He also pioneered energy efficiency in Toronto in the 1990s, often working closely with the Carpenters’ Union. For years, Peter has broken down old barriers between unions and environmentalists. He brings people together around new ideas that create good jobs, cut emissions and help us catch up to new energy economies around the world.

Before joining Greenpeace, and increasing its profile, Peter was a City Councillor. At city hall, he helped keep valuable services public and was ahead of his time in championing smoke-free restaurants and bars.

He’s also worked in health care, doing government relations for the Ontario Nurses Association; and early in life, took an active role in the organizing drive, by the Canadian Labour Congress, to unionize white-collar workers during the 1970’s.

He has an adult son, Anton, and lives with his partner, Shawn Kerwin. She’s a professor and theatre designer.