Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario


Restore TTC Funding - SIGN HERE

Properly fund transit by restoring the TTC's operating cost subsidies to pre-Harris era levels.


Real Rent Control - SIGN HERE

Change Ontario's rent control laws so that tenants have the affordable homes they need.


Universal Pharmacare - SIGN HERE

Support a universal provincial Pharmacare plan for all Ontarians.


Injunction Against Graphic Anti-Abortion Images - SIGN HERE

Block the use of horrifying and graphic images by anti-abortion groups.


Bill 66 Response: Protect our Water and Environment - SIGN HERE

Protect our children, tenants, consumers, workers, the Greenbelt and the safety of drinking water for all Ontarians,


Tenants' Rights - SIGN HERE

Take every possible step to stop the government plan to speed up evictions.