Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario



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Stop Illegal Handgun Smuggling - SIGN HERE

MPP Tabuns and colleagues introduced Bill 52 to stop the smuggling of illegal handguns

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Save Eye Care - SIGN HERE

Optometrists have been trying to negotiate fair fees for their services.

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Vaccinate Child Care Workers & ECE Workers - SIGN HERE

Child Care and ECE workers are core front line workers - the Premier says they will get vaccinated in mid-May. Members of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, the Ontario Coalition for Better Childcare, the Toronto Board of Health and many others have been calling for action to be taken for this vitally important group of workers. "Prioritize child care workers and ECEs in the vaccine rollout and vaccinate them immediately."

Background: The Toronto Star Article April 14, 2021 ; Emergency Workers to get Free Child Care ; Official Opposition Reaction

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Stay at Home If You Are Sick - SIGN HERE

Show your support for Bill 239 - paid sick days are essential to help stop COVID-19

Here is a Background page for this critical issue, including recent media - Stay at Home If You Are Sick - Bill 239 Background


Respect Local Planning - SIGN HERE

Our community and local representatives must have their voice heard when making development decisions in our neighbourhoods & the Toronto-Danforth riding.

Add your name to call on the Province to stop unilateral MZO's (Ministerial Zoning Orders).


Restore TTC Funding - SIGN HERE

Properly fund transit by restoring the TTC's operating cost subsidies to pre-Harris era levels.


Real Rent Control - SIGN HERE

Change Ontario's rent control laws so that tenants have the affordable homes they need.


Universal Pharmacare - SIGN HERE

Support a universal provincial Pharmacare plan for all Ontarians.


Injunction Against Graphic Anti-Abortion Images - SIGN HERE

Block the use of horrifying and graphic images by anti-abortion groups.


Tenants' Rights - SIGN HERE

Take every possible step to stop the government plan to speed up evictions.