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Events in Toronto-Danforth

Attending events, watching videos afterwards, or reading reports and outcomes
are great ways to Take Action in Toronto-Danforth, or the wider community.

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Childcare in the Pandemic - Tuesday May 4 @7:30 pm

This week Child Care and ECE workers in licensed daycares can begin to register for vaccines. There are however still many other concerns that revolve around quality care for children.
Ranging from outbreaks in day care facilities, and questions about childcare in these prolonged lockdown days. Operating costs, keeping children, family and workers safe and healthy, having a realistic paid sick day policy are all part and parcel of a complex set of issues.

Join me Tuesday evening, May 4 at 7:30 pm, for an on-line forum “Child Care in the Pandemic”.
A great panel of guests including, Ekua Asabea Blair, Massey Centre CEO ; Carolyn Ferns from the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care and Dr. Kate Dupuis, a Clinical Neuropsychologist and east end resident.
Please pre-register for this community event by using this link