Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario

Community Based Home Retrofit Webinar


On Tuesday, May 23rd, please join me for an important webinar focused on Home Energy Retrofits. During these days of hearing so many troubling stories and reports, this is a chance to hear from a local neighbourhood that addressed the challenges, and developed effective strategies for community based green home energy retrofits.  It is a hope-filled initiative that has incredible potential.
The panelists for this on-line meeting bring a great depth of experience and knowledge and I am also looking forward to hearing your stories and questions.

  • Paul Dowsett – Retrofit Coach and Executive Member, Pocket Change Project; Principal Architect, Sustainable: Architecture for a Healthy Planet (semi-retired).
  • Eve Wyatt - Project Manager, Pocket Change Retrofit Project

To get a sense of the Pocket Change experience, and what you will hear more about in the webinar, check out this recent CBC news story: Agents of Change

Please use this link: to register for this on-line webinar on Zoom.