Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario


Published on September 11, 2023

TORONTO – Leader of the Official Opposition NDP, Marit Stiles and MPP Tom Rakocevic (Humber River—Black Creek) are in York South—Weston, where hundreds of tenants are pushing back against massive rent hikes, calling on the government to immediately bring back rent control.

“Some people have seen their rent double, triple even, while their wages have stayed the same,” Stiles said. “Young people, students, families are waking up each morning wondering ‘Is today the day I will be evicted? Is today the day I won’t be able to put a meal on the table?’ This is the reality for so many people in this province right now.”

“The Premier of this province refuses to bring back rent control – a solution that could help make life more affordable for people,” Stiles said. If this Premier cared about the housing crisis, he would take meaningful action to stop the crisis from spiraling out of control even further.”

The Ontario NDP has proposed a number of housing solutions to the Conservative government, but all they say is no. Here’s what this government could do today:

  • Reinstate real rent control
  • Build truly affordable housing, including non-profit, public, co-op and supportive housing
  • Crack down on greedy land speculation

“The Conservatives have been fixated on building McMansions and luxury urban sprawl far away on the Greenbelt that we know will do nothing to address the very real housing affordability crisis in this province,” Stiles added. “In fact, they’re setting this province back by at least five years from meeting its housing targets. We need affordable homes in neighbourhoods where services already exist, close to transit, jobs, schools, and community amenities.”

At its strategic planning session last week, Ontario’s Official Opposition affirmed its commitment to getting federal and provincial governments back in the business of building homes that people can actually afford.

“Ontario is at a crossroads. People need meaningful solutions that will make life more affordable. I’m calling on Doug Ford and the Conservatives once again to stop playing with Ontarians, and step up and do the right thing, bring back rent control today,” said Stiles.