Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario


Published on November 11, 2022

QUEEN'S PARK – Peter Tabuns, Interim NDP Leader of the Official Opposition and MPP Jennie Stevens, NDP critic for Veterans, Legions, and Military Affairs released the following statement to commemorate Remembrance Day:
“Every year on this day, we honour the Canadians who have served and sacrificed for our country with the Canadian Armed Forces. Because of their dedication and heart, generations of Canadians have been able to live in freedom and security.
On Remembrance Day, we remember the individuals, the families, and the communities that have been changed by serving in conflicts since the First World War. For decades, Canadians have put their lives on the line both overseas and at home, including the difficult days of the COVID-19 pandemic when our armed forces answered the call to help our parents and grandparents in long-term care.
This year, in wars and conflicts around the world, including training support in Ukraine, we rest easier knowing that Canadian service members will always be at the forefront of ensuring peace and security. We thank everyone today for donating and wearing a poppy to honour these brave individuals, and we thank legions for their tireless work to ensure that Canadians never forget their work and sacrifice.
We owe our veterans and service members a huge debt of gratitude and we must do our part to ensure they always have the support they need. We have a duty to ensure that our province's veterans and their families receive ongoing care, including mental health support for PTSD and trauma, caring and appropriate long-term care for veterans who can no longer live at home, and ensuring that veterans who live on ODSP or OW don’t have their benefits clawed back when they receive a Disability Award for their service.
With our words and our actions today, we can show support for our incredible Canadian service members. The freedoms they fought for must never be taken for granted.
Lest we forget.