Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario


Published on May 15, 2023

“Does the Premier really think this is all a big scam?”

QUEEN’S PARK – Leader of the Official Opposition Marit Stiles (Davenport) called out Ford’s changing story and concerning comments regarding the Greenbelt during Question Period today.

“Ontario’s Greenbelt includes over 2 million acres of protected land, including some of the most valuable agricultural land in the country. The Greenbelt generates nearly 9.6 billion in annual economic activity and supports over 177,000 jobs. It also provides $3.2 billion a year in services like flood prevention, water purification, and storm water management.

Does the Premier really think this is all ‘a big scam’?”

Ford dodged accountability once again by failing to show up to Question Period and his own Minister seemed to lose track of the Premier’s lines on the Greenbelt.

Media reports from the past week showed breach of confidentiality, lack of due process, and internal records of the Premier’s office discussing the Greenbelt changes long before Ford claimed he heard about it.

“They’re trying to distract us by saying the Greenbelt is ‘not a thing’. The Premier owes Ontarians a straight answer. Is he planning to open more sections of the Greenbelt for his developer friends?’”

Earlier this morning, Ford doubled down on his commitment to developers to open up the Greenbelt, citing the housing crisis and growth in response to a simple question about whether he has future plans for the Greenbelt.

Ford’s out-of-touch planning fails to understand the needs of everyday Ontarians while lining the pockets of wealthy developers at the cost of basic transparency and accountability that Ontarians are entitled to from their government.