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Reopening must come with paid sick days, expanded certificate program: NDP

Published on January 20, 2022

QUEEN’S PARK — Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath wants the Jan. 31 reopening to be safer. She’s calling for paid sick days for all, restored access to COVID testing, and an expansion of the vaccine certificate program to include places like LCBOs and cannabis shops.
“We all want the cycle of shutdowns and re-openings to stop. We also desperately need non-emergency surgeries to resume,” said Horwath. “That’s why any reopening now must come with other protection measures. I want at least 10 permanent paid sick days for all, so people with COVID symptoms can always afford to stay home and avoid infecting others. I am calling for access to COVID testing to be restored. And I’m calling for vaccine passports to be required in non-essential retail, LCBOs and cannabis stores.”
Horwath said she’s troubled by the lack of information being released.
“For people whose surgery has been cancelled more than once, and for parents, teachers and education workers it’s frustrating not knowing what data this decision is based on, and shocking that there is no plan to help them,” said Horwath.
“Doug Ford says it’s the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s call. The Chief Medical Officer of Health says it’s Doug Ford’s call. Who the heck is calling the shots — and are any of their choices based on public health, or are they just based on politics? Ford should be transparent and release the data, and the advice, this decision was based on.”