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Baber still collecting $16,000 salary bonus

Published on January 19, 2021


BRAMPTON — Anti-lockdown MPP Roman Baber will continue to collect a $16,000 top up on his MPP paycheque until Doug Ford recalls the legislature and fires Baber from his job as chair of the Justice Committee. 
Baber had to be removed from his caucus Friday. Until then, Baber was lobbying Ford behind closed doors, in caucus meetings, to avoid public health and lockdown measures — and he says he’s not the only one among the PC ranks.
“Doug Ford won’t give PSWs — health care heroes — the raise they deserve. PSW pay is so low in some cases that PSWs have slept in homeless shelters between their shifts in long-term care homes. Ford has also withheld pandemic pay from thousands of frontline workers who deserve it.
“Yet, he’s currently letting Roman Baber keep collecting his bonus pay. That’s wrong,” said NDP Deputy Leader Sara Singh. 
The NDP has called on Ford to recall the legislature in order to work together to move out billions in unspent COVID-19 funds to shore up hospitals and long-term care homes, recall the military to nursing homes in crisis, pass laws to give people paid sick days and give small businesses more financial support, as well as to put a more robust plan in place for the vaccine roll-out. When the legislature is recalled, Baber can also be removed from his chairmanship, as well.