Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario

Bill 184 Ford's Easier Eviction Bill


In a health emergency it is reasonable to expect leaders to lead. Many renters have reached out to me, their landlords and the Premier seeking relief. Many have been unable to pay their all or some all of their rent since April 1st. Calls for relief for tenants have not been answered by the Province

Recently the Ford government made a conscious choice not rather than assist tenants. His government's Legislation will make it easier for landlords to evict tenants. In one of the most expensive cities in the world his Bill 184, Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act limits the ability of tenants to defend against eviction and in some cases remove the requirement to hold eviction hearings altogether.

Families are already struggling to choose between paying rent or putting food on their table. During this pandemic and beyond, tenants need:
  • Real protections from eviction so they can keep their homes even if they can’t afford to pay rent during the pandemic. 
  • Real rent control on all units, including vacant units.
  • Protection from illegal evictions by bringing in real fines for landlords who illegally evict, and proper enforcement of the law.

Bill 184 will make tenants more vulnerable. We need to take action now

 In the Bill

Bill 184 would make it easier for landlords to evict tenants by:

  • Taking away tenant’s right to defend themselves at eviction hearings: tenants facing eviction for nonpayment of rent would no longer be allowed to raise new issues, such as disrepair, at the hearing.
  • Taking away tenant’s right to a hearing following a repayment agreement: currently, if a tenant and landlord reach an agreement on repaying rent arrears prior to a hearing, and if the tenant fails to fulfil that agreement, the tenant is entitled to a hearing before an eviction can proceed. Bill 184 would allow landlords to proceed straight to an eviction order without a hearing.
Bill 184 would hurt tenants in other ways as well, by:
  • Making illegal rent increases legal: An illegal rent increase will now become legal if the tenant doesn’t file an application to fight the increase within one year 
  • Allowing landlords to withhold information about utility costs: Currently, landlords with suite-metered units must give prospective tenants information about electricity consumption. Bill 184 removes this requirement

Contact the Government

Doug Ford, Premier
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Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Phone: 416-585-7000
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