Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario

FACT CHECK: Doug Ford always opposed any kind of paid sick time

Published on April 20, 2021

QUEEN’S PARK — Premier Doug Ford was always opposed any program that offers any help to workers to stay home when they are sick.

  • One of Doug Ford’s first actions as premier was to take away Ontario’s two measly paid sick days.
  • When a limited federal program was introduced to provide small supports to some workers who do not have paid sick days, Doug Ford opposed even that, saying “I don’t support it”
  • Ford has referred to paid sick days as a “waste of taxpayer money”

“Doctors, nurses, public health experts, and front line workers have been united in their call for the province to give workers paid sick days. But Mr. Ford doesn’t listen to the experts,” said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.

“There are entire families of essential workers in the ICU, struggling to breathe. Many of them wouldn’t be there if everyone they worked with could have taken a paid sick day, instead of bringing COVID-19 to work.”