Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario

Ford gives big-boxes another win while dealing another blow to small businesses

Published on December 22, 2020

WATERLOO — The NDP is calling for much greater and more urgent financial supports for small businesses being decimated by COVID-19 and Doug Ford’s uneven lockdown — including ongoing supports to get them through the pandemic, instead of a one-time payment.

“Doug Ford’s been doing big favours for the CEOs of big box retailers,” said Catherine Fife, NDP critic for Economic Growth and Job Creation. “He shut down the florists, local clothing stores and housewares shops while letting the Walmarts of the world take all that business for themselves.”

The lockdown — a product of Ford’s choice to avoid and delay public health protections — now threatens to drown the small businesses that were barely staying afloat.

“A lot of small businesses and working people are already on the brink. This lockdown could mean the end of thousands of businesses and the jobs they create. Doug Ford needs to replace his inadequate one-time, delayed grant with urgent, direct, meaningful and ongoing financial compensation for small businesses — along with income support for workers, and eviction bans for everyone,” said Fife.

The NDP has been pushing for a Save Main Street plan throughout the pandemic. The plan as Andrea Horwath and the NDP laid it out would provide rent support for small business, money to help with PPE and setting up remote work operations, and more.