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Ford must fire Oosterhoff: NDP MPPs

Published on March 15, 2021

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario NDP Women's Issues critic Jill Andrew and Education critic Marit Stiles issued the following statement:
“Once again, Sam Oosterhoff is using his office as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education to attack a woman’s right to choose. Oosteroff's involvement with this hateful, dangerous group is disgusting. These comments are not only anti-woman, but against any person regardless of gender identity or expression who needs access to an abortion – when abortions are stigmatized it drives them underground, which can lead to unsafe procedures," said MPP Jill Andrew, the NDP's Women's Issues critic. 

"This time, Sam Oosteroff is throwing his support behind a hateful group that grossly diminishes the suffering and murder of millions of Jews in the Holocaust in the service of its dangerous political goals. Premier Doug Ford refuses to stop his caucus member from supporting such a group," said MPP Marit Stiles, the NDP's Education critic.
"The NDP called for Sam Oosterhoff to resign when he broke the rules to hold a 40-person no-mask party. It’s clearer than ever that Oosterhoff can’t continue as Parliamentary Assistant for Education — Ford must remove him," said Andrew. 

"Ontarians deserve someone who will focus on student needs, like protecting students and educators from COVID-19 with more asymptomatic testing and smaller class sizes,” Stiles said.