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Horwath blasts Ford for ignoring advice, making virtually no changes to deadly half-measures

Published on January 12, 2021

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said the data modelling finally revealed Tuesday was frightening – but the Ford government’s lack of new measures in response was horrifying.

“According to the government’s own medical advice, more people are going to suffer and die as a result of Doug Ford’s refusal to act — his refusal to invest in more protections and to close loopholes,” said Horwath. “Hospitals are in the process of being overwhelmed, and long-term care homes are in the grips of a deadly crisis. Thousands more people are getting sick every single day. The half measures and loopholes must stop.”

Ford did not announce any new help for long-term care homes, where the virus is raging. No changes were made to big box stores, or most workplaces. No paid sick days were brought in, and no new help at all for workers or businesses were announced.

Horwath and the NDP MPPs, along with countless experts, are demanding:

  • At least 10,000 more staff in long-term care, plus infection prevention and control experts in every nursing home
  • Paid sick days so people stop being forced to spread the virus at work
  • A ban on evictions so people don’t work sick out of fear of eviction
  • Self-isolation centres
  • A massive ramp-up of testing and contact tracing, including in-workplace and in-school testing, and the vaccination schedule
  • Restricting non-essential travel in between regions

“The scary thing is that Doug Ford knows what needs to be done — the experts’ recommendations are clear,” said Horwath. “But Mr. Ford is listening to lobbyists, listening to his cabinet, avoiding spending, and ignoring the experts’ advice and warnings — and people are paying the price.”