Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario


Policy & Issues

Environment and Climate Change

I am pleased to put my career’s focus on our environment to work everyday at Queen’s Park and in Toronto-Danforth. My dedication to the environment has come from long years of leading and engaging in environmental battles to protect people of Toronto-Danforth from environmental hazards.

For too long the impact of our actions on the environment and our climate have been argued. The time for discussion is long since past. I have been proposing actions and will continue to advocate for meaningful targets to mitigate further impacts when and where possible. I am pleased to listen to and work with individuals, groups and governments to ensure improved outcomes for our neighbourhoods, towns, cities, countryside and Province. Ontario deserves environmental leadership.


Most of my focus is on the sad state of Ontario’s electricity generation and efficiency rules. Or, more accurately, lack of rules. We know we need to use less power, and that buildings are responsible for much of Ontario’s emissions growth. All the same, Ontario does not have strong efficiency standards or a plan to create construction jobs by retrofitting the buildings we do have.

While slow progress is being made on renewable energy, the big picture remains rotten. Ontario is addicted to nuclear power it can’t afford, and along the way is missing opportunities to generate more renewable energy here, creating jobs and new industries as we do. So I work hard with energy experts, environmental groups and small businesses to try and push Ontario in the right direction because tomorrow’s economy depends on it.