Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario


Published on September 28, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK – Official Opposition NDP Leader, Marit Stiles, has tabled a motion to form a special Select Committee to investigate how the Conservatives rigged the Greenbelt process to benefit a few of their speculator friends.

“I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – we are going to use every legislative tool available to us to get to the bottom of the Ford Conservatives’ corruption scandal and restore trust, transparency and accountability at Queen’s Park,” said Stiles.

“People have lost trust in this government. Too many questions remain,” Stiles said. “Who in the government tipped off speculators to the Greenbelt changes? Who made the decision to change policy direction? We’ll keep asking questions until we uncover the full extent of the government’s all-too cozy relationships with well-connected speculators.”

A prior Select Committee helped uncover misconduct in the former Liberal government’s gas plants scandal, which led to the former Premier’s chief of staff sentenced to four months in jail. The creation of that Select Committee was supported by MPPs from all parties.

“A Select Committee is yet another tool Ontario’s Official Opposition is using to resurrect trust and accountability in government,” Stiles said.