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NDP: Ford inhumanely eliminates emergency health care for uninsured, including Ukrainian refugees

Published on March 25, 2023

SUDBURY – NDP Health Critic France Gélinas (Nickel Belt) issued the following statement this morning after learning of the Ford Conservatives’ decision to end the Physician and Hospital Services for Uninsured Persons program next week: 

“There’s no other way to describe this decision other than cruel and inhumane. This small program makes sure uninsured people have access to urgent medically necessary services in hospitals and basic physician services. 

Ford and his Conservatives are turning their backs on some of the most vulnerable people in Ontario. 

His government has presided over the worst homelessness crisis in generations – and now he’s turning his back on thousands of unhoused people. 

He’s turning his back on people from around the world who have fled violence and oppression – including those fleeing Putin’s tyrannical invasion of Ukraine. He said they would “always be welcome here” – this isn't how you welcome those in need. 

The Ontario NDP won’t stop until this decision is reversed because health care is a basic human right.”