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NDP to table bill that rips up legislation granting Charles McVety a university

Published on May 25, 2021

QUEEN’S PARK — The NDP will table a bill to rip up Charles McVety’s university-enabling legislation when the Ontario Legislature comes back next week, following Minister Ross Romano’s late-Friday acceptance of the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board’s recommendation to not grant McVety’s Canada Christian College the ability to call itself a university and offer arts and science degrees.
“Doug Ford should never have helped his buddy Charles McVety get this far into the process and should never have slipped in legislation to give him a university in the first place,” said NDP MPP Laura Mae Lindo, NDP critic for Anti-Racism and Colleges and Universities, who will co-sponsor the bill.
“This bill — this favour from Ford to McVety — is still on the books, passed by Ford’s government, and it will hang over Ontario’s head until it’s disposed of. Let’s rip up this legislation and send a message once and for all that hatred, homophobia and intolerance will not stand in Ontario,” said Suze Morrison, MPP for Toronto Centre, who will co-sponsor the bill.
The NDP will be tabling legislation to rescind Schedule 2 of Bill 213 next week.
In October 2020, Doug Ford snuck the McVety clause into the unrelated Bill 213. Ford used his majority to pass that bill in December 2020. The McVety law now sits on the books without being proclaimed — meaning any premier, current or future, can make it law with the stroke of a pen.