Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario

Ontario NDP Elects Peter Tabuns to be Interim Leader

Published on June 29, 2022

TORONTO – NDP MPP Peter Tabuns (Toronto—Danforth) has been elected by the NDP’s provincial council to be the party’s interim leader.
“The NDP is honoured that the people of Ontario have asked us, once again, to form the Official Opposition, and I’m humbled to have an opportunity to lead the party for a time,” said Tabuns.
“The Ontario NDP Caucus is energized and committed to holding the Ford government to account. It’s a difficult time for workers whose wages are falling behind. For patients waiting far too long for care. For our parents in long-term care and the kids who need more help to get back on track in school. And for everyone worried about the climate crisis. We’re on their side. We’re going to fight to rebuild health care and long-term care for them. We’re going to fight for education for them. We’re going to fight to lift wages up, and bring costs down for them. And we’re going to fight against Conservative cuts that would hurt them.”
The provincial council will hold another meeting to determine the rules and leadership election date.
Ontario NDP president Janelle Brady said the party is in a strong position.
“We are a diverse, multi-generational, modern social democratic party with supporters and volunteers in every region of this province. We’re financially sound and more energized than ever before,” said Brady.
“I want to thank Andrea Horwath for her leadership, and for guiding our party to a stronger place than we’ve ever been. And I want to congratulate Peter Tabuns on his election as interim leader. The choice of a new leader and the direction of our party belongs to the tens of thousands of NDP members in Ontario — and I can confidently say the party is in good hands.”
The NDP’s provincial council is empowered to select an interim leader, taking into account a recommendation from the provincial executive. The provincial executive must and did consult with the NDP caucus as well as NDP committees in that process.