Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario

Some veterans continue to be excluded from Ontario grant for service members

Published on November 14, 2019

In the government statement issued to Global on Monday by Wood, pointed to other provincial initiatives.

“This week we announced an innovative pilot project to help members of the Canadian Armed Forces transition to civilian life. The pilot, known as Elevate Plus — Military, will leverage the talents of our veterans by teaching soft skills, technical skills, and provide paid job placements,” she wrote.

Smith’s office also highlighted the fact the government is exempting veterans from paying for fishing licences.

At the annual Remembrance Day ceremony on the grounds of Queen’s Park on Monday, Premier Doug Ford paid tribute to veterans.

“When these men and women were called to serve and defend Canada they were not asked about their race, their religion or politics, they were asked simply are you ready to serve your country and they were,” he said.

NDP MPP Peter Tabuns said it’s ironic Ford paid tribute while those like Kitchen are left behind.

“We shouldn’t have our veterans living on the street ever and the premier needs to do the right thing he needs to announce today remembrance day that all our veterans are treated alike, given equal respect,” he said.

“I can’t understand it for a moment. We have veterans that are in an emergency situation, that are in crisis. We have the money.

“Most of the money put in this fund to support veterans doesn’t get spent — that’s just disgusting"

Royal Canadian Regiment Sgt. Murray Bruce Kaysmith said he doesn’t “feel it’s right.”

Kaysmith, a senior citizen, said he believes the government is not following through with its duty.

“I feel that anyone who served for this country or aided this country should have the support they need to have,” he said, adding he’s concerned for younger service members and money from the commission should be accessible to all.