Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario

Stop the Cuts to Indigenous Reconciliation - Petition

Published on August 16, 2018

Whereas Ontario is situated on the traditional territory of Indigenous peoples, many of whom have been on this land since time immemorial;
Whereas in 2015 the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada released its final report: “Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future” which made 94 recommendations or “Calls to Action” for the Government
of Canada;
Whereas reconciliation must be at the centre of all government decision making;
We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to: 

• Continue reconciliation work in Ontario, by implementing the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
• Reinstate the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
• Work with First Nations leaders to sign cooperative, governmentto - government accords
• Support TRC education and community development (e.g.: TRC summer writing sessions)
• Support Indigenous communities across the province (e.g.: cleaning up Grassy Narrows)

Please print and mail back with original signatures.