Peter Tabuns MPP, Toronto-Danforth

Government of Ontario

Mercury Poisoning in Grassy Narrows First Nations Needs action. Reconcile

Three Generations of Grassy Narrows Residents Suffer from Ontario's Inaction. Mercury Poisoning in Indigenous Communities, ignored for years would not...

Can the Minister of Energy Continue Amid Sudbury Election Scandal?

Can the Minister of Energy continue amid Sudbury Election scandal?

Ontario’s Omnibus Bill. Will Ontario Place be Privatized?

New Liberal government Omnibus Bill allows Ontario Place to be Privatized

Why Not All Money From Bad Privatization Deal Spent on Infrastructure.

Money from Privatization Not for Infrastructure as Announced

Members Statement: Move on Threats from Climate Change. Hydro System Risks Real

Climate Change Adaptation Recommendations Ignored. Hydro System at Risk. There are real consequences possible if we continue to ignore work needed...

Cancelling Private Energy Contracts at Any Cost?

Gas Plant Scandal Ontario $1B. Lib Government now cancels $5.5B Winstream contract For profit private energy contracts costs add up...

Cyber Attack to Blame for Grade 10 Literacy Test Chaos

Toronto police alerted after online exam shut down amid ‘”intentional, malicious and sustained” cyber attack.

Ontario, Quebec sign 7-year electricity deal

By: Zachary Reyes | Oct 22, 2016, 6:03 Of course, this should be just the beginning of a attractive friendship...

CN Rail Still Needs Oil Spill Action Near Gogama

Contaminants must be clean up In March 2015, a CN train derailed and caught on fire, sending more than one...

This Saturday. Peter Tabuns Mobile Constituency Office. Gerrard Square

Dear Constituents; Join me and my staff. This Saturday at the Gerrard Square Mall. For years we have been able...